What is the PIPS Program?

PIPS stands for Post-Incarceration Peer Support, we are a grant-funded program that aims to reduce recidivism for returning family members, and increase resource engagement based on the client’s self-identified needs. PIPS provides support to the San Francisco community in two ways; direct care by our Peer Support Specialists, and peer-informed trainings for the professionals that serve the re-entry community.

At PIPS, we provide both direct care services with our Peer Support Specialists and training for the professionals who serve the re-entry community.

Peer Support Specialists support clients by providing mentorship, advocacy, wellness skill building, and linkages to community resources. Our Peer Support Specialists maintain small caseloads to ensure that every client receives the care they deserve.

Our training department offers a comprehensive core curriculum that includes SOLVE and Acute Supportive Crisis Response training. PIPS trainings also offer a wide variety of add-on modules that are designed to focus on situation specific skills sets.  

PIPS peer support services:

PIPS Peer Support Specialists are available to connect with clients either before they are released from SF Jail or soon after they return to the community. Our Peer Support Specialists offer the following services:

  • Peer Counseling & Case Management
  • Mentorship, Advocacy, & Wellness Skill Building
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan [WRAP]
  • Linkages to Community Resources [as determined by the client]
  • Financial Assistance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Food Pantries
  • Connection to Long-Term Therapy Services & Psychiatric Care Providers
  • Accompany clients to appointments to provide advocacy and emotional support

If you are interested in referring a client, please contact the PIPS Program Manager, Brittany Maksimovic [brittany.maksimovic@mentalhealthsf.org].

peer-informed professional training:

PIPS trainings are designed to support direct care providers with delivering effective, peer-informed care to those they serve. Direct care providers include case managers, social workers, first responders, physicians, and any other professional who serves individuals with system involvement. All of our trainings can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific goals. See below for a list of our available trainings, curriculum details can be found here.

Please contact the PIPS Training & Outreach Coordinator, Julia Owens, at julia@mentalhealthsf.org for more information.

Core Curriculum:

  • SOLVE: Sharing Our Lives, Voices & Experiences
  • Acute Supportive Crisis Support

Add-On Modules:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Domestic Violence
  • LGBTQ+ Considerations
  • Trauma Informed Search, Restraint & Transport Practices
  • Suicide Risk Assessment, De-escalation & Safety Planning
  • De-escalation & Redirection with Psychosis/Non-Consensus Reality
  • De-escalation & Debrief with Other Care Providers

Contact Us

PIPS Peer Services Referral — brittany.maksimovic@mentalhealthsf.org

PIPS Training Services — julia@mentalhealthsf.org